Mrak Hall - AggieAccess 

The Aggie Card has been replaced with AggieAccess! This multi-year project is in full swing, and the old employee ID may no longer be the correct option for you. Please check the implementation schedule here and if any of your workspaces are on this list, please reach out to your department key custodian for instructions. (The key custodians program your cards for entry into buildings or secured locations.) Your key custodian will know which ID to request.

Step #1 - Request an AggieAccess card or mobile credentials

Your key custodian will email to request an AggieAccess card or mobile credentials on your behalf.
Please note: staff are allowed to have only the physical keycard or the mobile app; not both.

AggieAccess card photo requirements:
  • Submit a color photo, taken in last 6 months. 
  • Image should be at least 300 dpi resolution. 
  • Use a clear image of your face. Do not use filters commonly used on social media. 
  • Have someone else take your photo. No selfies. 
  • Take off your eyeglasses for your photo. 
  • Use a plain white or off-white background. 
  • Securely send the photo (JPEG) securely by using our UC Davis SecureSend link:  

Step #2 - Pick up AggieAccess card or download mobile app

Physical AggieAccess cards are available for pickup at the UC Davis Police Department (625 Kleiber Hall Dr). The AggieAccess team will notify you by email when the card is ready for pick up. 

Step #3 - Activate your AggieAccess card or mobile credentials

Email your department's key custodian to request activation of your key card or mobile application. Your key custodian will verify your access and make the official request to Mrak Access. Activation typically takes 1 business day to process. Once processed, activation is granted in real time.

For more information about AggieAccess, visit the Frequently Asked Questions | AggieAccess, or email