Open Recruitment

The following information is for filling a position via a recruitment open to the campus community and general public. This option is the primary recruitment process, and viable for all appointment and position types. 


  • Per OCP practice, all recruitments require review by the OCP Human Resources and Finance teams. Resources should be submitted in as part of an overall package via the Personnel Action Request Center (PARC), including a current org chart, and the PD (with tracked revisions if any updates).
  • Many aspects of the hiring and recruitment process are now automated through Talent Acquisition Management (TAM) system. 
  • Please note that for high level executive leadership and Academic positions, OCP Human Resources should be contacted in order to provide guidance on the best process and resources as the following may not be applicable.
  • Intake meetings with OCP Human Resources are required for all recruitments. This is to formally outline the recruitment plan, identify necessary steps, and tailor the overall process to the business need of the unit and to ensure its viability.
  • Due to the duration of recruitments, it is encouraged to review if any additional support and/or rearrangement of duties can be fulfilled temporarily. Temporary Employment Services (TES), awards, and stipends may all be possible solutions in addressing these concerns, and OCP Human Resources is also available to discuss these matters prior to as well as throughout the recruitment process.


  • Salary Range
  • While preparing the PARC ticket and outlining the recruitment plan, a salary range should be identified. With larger salary ranges, it is recommended to post a sub range with the maximum allocated budget being the highest end. For example, if the salary range is $20.64 - $42.29 hourly, and mid-point of the range is the highest budgeted salary available, then it is recommended to post the salary as: $20.64 - $42.29/hr. Budgeted salary up to $31.47/hr or Budgeted salary up to $XX/mo. Commensurate with experience. Please note that offering more than the posted range is not allowable as it violates the equitable offering standards.
  • Advertising
  • Advertising is at the discretion of the unit. All UCD job postings are aggregated by major employment websites, including,, and a few others. It is also encouraged to first consider options that are already freely available, such as existing distribution lists that enable quick sharing across communities as well as posting to professional associations using membership benefits. Talent Acquisition (Central HR) also contracts with AdClub, who can review the PD and identify potential advertising options at an additional cost. This is a great option for specialized and/or leadership level positions to potentially increase recruitment options. 
  • Alternates
  • Alternates are finalists who would be considered viable if the primary candidate for hire were to withdraw from the recruitment or turn down the offer. Alternates need to continue through the process in the exact same manner if being considered for hire. If alternates are identified and not selected, it is recommended to identify them as an alternate on the screening sheet while also noting why they weren’t selected. For example, “Alternate-Not as strong as hired candidate in (insert minimum or preferred qualification)”. OCP Human Resources is always available to support throughout a recruitment, especially in situations where there numerous prospective candidates.
  • Multiple Hires
  • Multiple hires require approved positions for each potential hire before initiating a recruitment. For example, if a unit would like to hire 2-3 Web Designers at the same level and in the same position description via one recruitment, there must be at least 3 Web Designer PDs in the system. A note to the SSO during the ticket submission will trigger the creation of these positions if needed. For the posting, in the “Number of Positions” section, it is recommended to put either the range of positions the unit is looking to fill (2-3) or simply, “multiple”. If there is a need to hire an additional employee after the recruitment has been completed, there is potential to hire a qualified candidate so long as it is within 6 months of the recruitment and per the approval of OCP Human Resources in tandem with Central HR via Talent Acquisition.
  • Background Checks
  • Background checks are required for many positions, but not all. It is recommended to review the UCD Central HR Background Check Worksheet to determine if the position being recruited requires one. If a background check is required, it is noted in the posting as well as the offer letter.  The SSO schedules the initial appointment on a hiree’s behalf.  If the hiree needs to start before the background check results are returned, this is called a conditional start, meaning the hiree can only stay seated in the new position if the background check is successful. It is recommended to limit direct access to sensitive systems and/or processes until these results are returned, though training can still continue in these areas.
  • Near-Relative Policy
  • Near relatives are defined as a spouse, domestic partner, parent, child, or sibling, an in-law or step-relative. Additionally, they can be relatives of domestic partners and residents of the same household (per the UCD Central HR Near Relatives page and policy). Please notify OCP Human Resources as soon as it is known that a near relative is being considered. Approval from Human Resources is required prior to offer of employment, and OCP Human Resources can support in coordinating with Employee & Labor Relations and other stakeholders.
  • Offers & Moving Reimbursement
  • Offers must be coordinated with OCP Human Resources via the salary analysis process. Once a salary range has been determined, the hiring manager or Talent Acquisition partner are able to make the verbal offer. If the verbal offer is accepted, then the official offer letter will be generated via TAM.

    If a moving reimbursement is being considered, this should be discussed prior to the formal offer letter. Moving reimbursement expenses have tax implications. Please work with your OCP HR Analyst to determine an appropriate amount.
  • Work Samples & Other Additional Assessments
  • Assessments are often valuable exercises to get a better sense of a candidate’s skillset. Unless it is a work sample request relevant to the position, most assessments are set up during the second round of interviews in order to keep the first round manageable and allow for focused scope with the finalist pool. However, these assessments require Central HR approval to ensure they meet equitable recruitment standards. Please work with your OCP HR Analyst to route the desired exercise for approval early on in the recruitment process. Please also review the Central HR guidelines regarding work samples.
  • Layoff Candidates
  • If a layoff candidate applies (only applicable to PSS positions) Central HR will reach out to the hiring unit to determine if preferential consideration is warranted. If so, department responsibilities are (per the UCD HR website):

    -Interviews applicant.

    -Contacts Employment Consultant/Recruiter in HR to advise of hiring or disqualification of applicant.

    -Provides Employment Consultant/Recruiter in HR with hiring information or written justification for disqualification if the department has determined the individual does not possess the minimum qualifications and cannot be trained within a reasonable period of time.   

    Note: If a layoff applicant notifies department of withdrawal at any time, department should notify Employment Consultant/Recruiter.