The information below is to submit a surface level change to a position description. This includes a working title update, a new supervisor, and similar changes.



  • Obtain copy of position description (PD) via AggieService “Ask a Question”, selecting the category “Human Resources” if People Admin (PA) access in not available. This preliminary step is recommended to ensure that the PD being updated is the one currently in the official record.
  • The “Track Changes” feature in Microsoft Word should be used to document what updates are needed so any service partners reviewing are able to quickly identify what is being requested. To utilize this tool in Word, navigate the top command ribbon
  • A position update is generally used for the following types of changes:
    • Update supervisor name
    • Update working title
    • Update list of positions supervised
    • Minor updates to the percentages associated with the essential responsibilities
    • Minor updates to the language/description in the essential responsibilities
    • Minor updates to the minimum/preferred qualifications

If the changes to the position description are related to the increase in the position’s scope and breadth of responsibility, resulting in significant changes or additions to the essential responsibilities/ qualifications, or if the position is assuming a supervisory role, the position should be reviewed for appropriate classification via a classification review (separate action).



  1. Unit obtains current PD on record; updates via “Track Changes” in Microsoft Word.
  2. A ticket is created in Aggie Service.
    • Ticket navigation: Human Resources- Recruitment/Position Management
    • Employee Type: Staff
    • Request Type: Reclassification/Position Update
    • Position Change Requested: Position Update
    • Additional Required fields:
      • Employee Campus Email (for whom the update is being requested)
      • Revised PD draft
      • Organizational chart
      • Justification (why the update is being requested)
  3. The SSO notifies the supervisor that the action is complete; an updated PD is generated and sent to the supervisor for signature by the employee and supervisor.
  4. The supervisor returns a signed copy to the SSO for placement in the employee’s file.