This guide is for hiring a qualified pre-selected candidate for a non-represented position (i.e. not represented by a union such as CX, TX, SX, etc.) for a specific duration of time not exceeding five years. Must be executed via open recruitment.



Contracts are considered temporary solutions to immediate business needs until a long term solution can be developed. Other considerations may include:

  • Temporary Employment Services (TES)
    • It is encouraged to consider this option first. TES is a UCD office that supports units needing immediate support. There are a numerous TES employees with varied skill sets (though subject to availability) who are able to step in to both non-represented as well as represented roles. This process is handled directly between the unit and the TES office. Please see the TES request guide for further details.
  • Short Term Emergency Hire (STEH) option for represented positions
    • It is important to note the differences between a contract for a non-represented position and a represented position (CX, TX, RX etc.). They are similar but separate processes, with STEH available through a TES arrangement or open recruitment.



Contract positions have limitations due to the intent of them being temporary solutions, and the following should be considered when reviewing viability and/or discussing with a prospective hiree.

  • Duration
    • Contracts are written one year at a time and there is a maximum of 5 years in which an employee can remain in the same contract position. Contracts can be ended at any time by the employer or employee, but notice is recommended and OCP Human Resources should be consulted.
  • Compensation & Increases
    •  It is recommended that the salary for a contract employee be at a higher place in the range, but still within relation to the candidate’s skillset and experience. Increases for contract compensation are possible at the execution of an contract extension, but please discuss with an HR Business Partner to ensure it is a viable option. 
  • Benefits
    • Contract employees are eligible for the full benefits package (BELI code 1/Group A) so long as the appointment is for at least a year and at 50% time or higher (not exceeding 100%). This includes health, dental, vision, and credit towards UC retirement vestment among other benefits.
  • Lateral status for career positions
    • If a contract employee is selected during an open recruitment for a position with the same payroll title then this is considered a lateral position transfer and they are ineligible for a raise. They will have to wait until their probation is completed to be eligble for merit and equity processes. This is another reason to strongly consider placing a contract employee higher in the range as able.
  • Ineligibility for STAR/P4P & Equity/other campus career programs
    • It is important to note that contract employees are not eligible to participate in the equity process nor the merit cycle. This also includes the STAR award programs, as well as some professional development programs offered across campus.
  • Near-Relative Policy
    • Near relatives are defined as a spouse, domestic partner, parent, child, or sibling, an in-law or step-relative. Additionally, they can be relatives of domestic partners and residents of the same household (per the UCD Central HR Near Relatives page and policy). Please notify OCP Human Resources as soon as it is known that a near relative is being considered. Approval from Human Resources is required prior to offer of employment, and OCP Human Resources can support in coordinating with Employee & Labor Relations and other stakeholders.


Please reference the Open Recruitment page for submission steps.