Instructions For Ordering Name Badges  

Badges are ordered through the UC Davis Stores and re-charged at a cost of $13.50 per badge.

Departments may choose from 8 approved templates. To view the templates click here

  • Creation of custom templates may be requested by departments with specific logos, but existing templates are formatted only as shown. If your department has a custom template on file please note that on your order form.
  • Note Regarding Template #8: This template is used only by Student Affairs units. Titles on this template are shown only for Associate Directors and above. All others will show only the unit name below the staff member name. 

There are three backing styles available: 

  • Magnet (default option): IMPORTANT - Magnetic badges cannot be worn by staff fitted with a heart rhythm regulation device (Pacemaker). Please choose an alternate backing.
  • Pin
  • Swivel Clip (for clipping to lanyard or clothing). 

Delivery of badges will take about 4 weeks depending on the frequency of requests. Badges are delivered to the person placing the order and not to individual offices or staff members.

To submit a badge request, please click here. A representative of the UC Davis Stores will contact you shortly after your request is received for the remaining ordering instructions.