How to Buy...

Purchasing methods vary, based on the types of goods or services you are purchasing.

The campus general guidelines on procurement should be reviewed prior to making a purchase.  For more information about procurement within OCP, please view the items below.

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  • Working from Home: Procurement
  • Check-in with your supervisor and unit CAO.
    Work together to determine the best course of action for procuring items. Supervisor/CAO can determine if the item(s) being procured fall under the UC Regents Policy 5402. (Applicable for services - see
    Is the item I need available in the office?
    Items that are normally available in the office may be obtained from the office. 
    Confirm with your supervisor/department leadership that visiting the office is allowable and necessary.
    Is the item I need available on AggieBuy - AND - Is the item something I would still need if I were working from the office?
    After confirming with you supervisor/leadership, order through AggieBuy and can be shipped directly to your home.
    Is the item I need available to buy with a Procurement Card?
    If the item is not available through AggieBuy, contact your department’s Procurement Cardholder to assist you with the purchase. A Travel (Corporate) card is NOT a Procurement card.
    Is the item I need available to buy with a University Purchase Order?
    Use Online PrePurchasing or contact your department’s business office for assistance. If the item is not available through AggieBuy, the supplier does not accept the Procurement card, or the P-card is not allowable, you’ll need a Purchase Order to complete the transaction.
  • Buying Software and Other Online Services
  • Purchasing software, and other online services, requires a completed Vendor Risk Assessment before requesting the purchase in Online PrePurchasing. 
  • Small Business First
  • More information about the Small Business First program can be found on the University of California, Office of the President website
    In a short summary, for orders that fall within the specified $10k - $250K that are not against an approved agreement, we must confirm the vendor is a Certified Small Business before proceeding. We should upload proof of certification with the original Online PrePurchasing request. 
 See Supply Chain Management's How Do I Buy? chart for more information on ways to purchase commonly used items and services.