Did You Hear?


  • Hiring a new employee? The "IT Onboarding Form" is live and ready for OCP Supervisors to use! Please be sure to submit this form at least 7 business days prior to the employee's start date.  --Flo
  • As of the first week of July, the walls went up at the Shrem Museum! We are set for a 2016-17 opening.     -Amanda Price
  • Did you know the MyOCP section has resources? Check them out here. --Sonja Colbert
  • The Office of Dialogue and Deliberation are offereing free workshops in August to help everyone learn how to successfully brige divides and differences. To register, click here.  --Trish Nichol
  • Katy Bill retired from SISS on June 29, 2015.
  • As we are currently in a drought, please conserve water and energy wherever you can by following these tips.  -- Crystal Tobias
  • Did you know Administrative Reorganization and Transformation is now sharing office space with Global Affairs in 220 Mrak?    
  • Did you know that UCDavis Extension offers free Information Sessions during August? Topics include Web Development, Project Management, Health Informatics and more! Click here for more information!
  • Do you like Zumba? Enjoy a fun and simple fitness class to mix up your day. Click here to find out when. 
  • Did you know the Robert Mondavi Institute does student and faculty led tours? Book yours today!
  • The International Center is ahead of schedule and will open in July 2016. More information on the project is available here.
  • Joanna Regulska is the new Chief Global Strategist and Vice Provost for Global Affairs. She will assume her new post on September 1, 2015.
  • A new Mentoring Toolkit is now available at http://sdps.ucdavis.edu/toolkits/mentoring/