OCP Human Resources is the main human resources unit for the Offices of the Chancellor and Provost (OCP) organization. This team provides resources for all units reporting to OCP. We actively work with units (at differing service levels) to coordinate personnel actions related to recruitments, merits, appraisals, classification, staff, student, and academic personnel matters; disciplinary actions, service awards, ergonomic assessments, etc.

If you have a question about our services, have a particular personnel matter to discuss, or just want to provide feedback, please email ocp-hr@ucdavis.edu.  

Myrene Abot

Myrene Abot
(530) 754-6985

Katya Rodriguez

Katya Rodriguez
Lead HR Analyst
(530) 752-8825

David DeCarr

David DeCarr
Academic HR Analyst
(530) 752-2331

Genevieve Villaruil

Genevieve Villaruel
HR Analyst
(530) 752-8503


Guide to ‘Who Does What’ in OCP Human Resources

Please email ocp-hr@ucdavis.edu for all questions and comments so that we can provide back-up in all areas. This GUIDE explains how work is distributed within the OCP-HR team.