Did You Hear?


  • Did you know there's a new place to put your coffee grounds/apple core/leftovers? It's the compost bin! If you haven't used it before check it out here.-- Rose Cabral
  • International Center on the corner of Russell Boulevard and California Avenue had a groundbreaking ceremony on Friday, February 27, 2015.  To see photos, click here. --Parvin Damania
  • As we are currently in a drought, please conserve water and energy wherever you can by following these tips.  -- Crystal Tobias
  • Did you know the MyOCP section has resources? Check them out here. --Sonja Colbert
  • Need some yoga to strengthen your back and neck? A free class here!
  • Don't forget to attend the Picnic Day Concert at the Mondavi Center on 4/18!
  • You're invited to get technical with the Mondavi Center! Where can you go to read about the special vinyl floor dancers use, see a photo of Jackson Hall's stage from the followspot booth 150' away, or find out about various production elements used in the 7 Doigts cirque shows? The Mondavi Center's Facebook page, that's where! Tuesdays are ʺTechnical Tuesdays,ʺ and each week the Production Department pulls back the curtains to reveal a different area of the MC backstage world. You can read the Mondavi Center's Facebook ʺfeedʺ on our website at www.mondaviarts.org. And if you have a technical question or want to read about something in particular, drop an email to djflor@ucdavis.edu. So come out on Tuesday nights and get technical with us!  --Donna Flor