New Hire Spotlight

New Hire Spotlight


Peter Hartsough


Department: Global Affairs

Title:  Director, Humphrey Fellowship Program

Hobbies/Fun Facts: I love climbing in the mountains and sailing on the ocean, pretty good hobbies for a hydrologist.

Nancy Petrisko


Department: Mondavi Center for the Performing Arts

Title: Director of Development

Hobbies/Fun Facts:  I’m an avid sculler and spent over 15 years on a team in Washington, DC.  Now that I’ve moved to California, I’m searching for a local rowing community.  


Krystal Sweat


Department: Office of Campus Community Relations

Title: Administrative Assistant

Hobbies/Fun Facts: I enjoy spending time at the golf range with my Dad. I also like to volunteer my time in community service and mentoring. Currently, I am attempting to learn Persian.

Lisa Stevenson


Department: Shrem Museum of Art

Title: Business Operations Coordinator 

Hobbies/Fun Facts: N/A

Kelly deMarrais


Department: Academic Senate

Title: Resource Analyst

Hobbies/Fun Facts: I once drove from Indiana to Alaska.

Saba Mohtasham


Department: Shrem Museum of Art

Title: Assistant to the Director

Hobbies/Fun Facts: I walked 250 miles across Spain

Bill Kuhlman


Department: Ceremonies & Special Events

Title: Events Manager

Hobbies/Fun Facts: I like to work out and have belonged to the ARC for 10 years. I live in North Davis and commute to work by bicycle while my wife Roberta, formerly of the GSM, works in LA and commutes weekly on Southwest. Our daughter will be a Sophomore this year at Loyla Marymount University in LA. 


Angel Tsou-Krall


Department: Academic Affairs

Title: Administrative Analyst

Hobbies/Fun Facts: I love to cook, it's my enjoyment. It's even better when the food is enjoyed, however that does not happen too often since I have two teenage sons (15 and13) that would prefer hamburgers at every meal.  I was born in Taipei, Taiwan and speak fluent Mandarin.

Heidi Van Beek


Department: Undergraduate Education

Title: Assistant Director, University Honors Program 

Hobbies/Fun Facts: From Iowa, lived in Asia for four years, regularly practice Bikram style yoga. 

Jennifer Lisa Wang


Department: Ceremonies & Special Events

Title: Events Specialist

Hobbies/Fun Facts: In addition to event planning, I also have a passion for architecture, interior design and visual arts. I'm also an avid NPR listener and a yoga enthusiast. I recently discovered a list of locations with happy hours in downtown Davis, and I look forward to checking out all the specials with my colleagues! 

Tiffany Johnson


Department: Undergraduate Education

Title: Academic Assessment Analyst

Hobbies/Fun Facts: I love to do anything related to sports, cooking, art, being outdoors and playing with my daughter. I also played water polo for UC Davis and was the first female water polo player to be inducted into the UC Davis Athletic Hall of Fame in 2010.

Kyle Summers


Department: World Food Center

Title: Development and Operations Analyst

Hobbies/Fun Facts: N/A

Lauren Becker


Department: Campus Counsel

Title:  Law Clerk

Hobbies/Fun Facts: NYT crossword puzzles

April or Prior

Colleen Schulman


Department: Shrem Museum of Art

Title: Development and Membership Manager

Hobbies/Fun Facts: I am an outreach volunteer and foster “parront” with Mickaboo Companion Bird Rescue, a nonprofit that helps more than 300 neglected, abused, injured or abandoned birds each year. Flock Schulman fluctuates in size – I currently have seven card-carrying members. 

Nicole Seemungal


Department: University Honors Program

Title: Program Analyst

Hobbies/Fun Facts: I am from New York City and love reading!

Angela Oates


Department: Ceremonies and Special Events

Title: Events Manager

Hobbies/Fun Facts: I enjoy making woodblock prints and designing/maintaining gardens.