If you would like to request a classification review of an employee’s position, please submit a PARC case with an updated PD attached (using document tracking/"tracked changes").  If the request is approved in PARC, a case should be submitted by those with AggieService privileges with the attached PARC approval summary and revised PD.  OCP Human Resources serves as the liaison between the unit and HR Compensation Services who will review the position for appropriate classification; however, in some cases, HR Compensation will seek clarification of duties from the supervisor.  Once a determination has been made, HR Compensation will notify OCP Human Resources.

If the review results in an upward classification, OCP Human Resources will notify the supervisor of the new classification and discuss any increase in salary.  If a request for upward classification is denied, Compensation will provide decision details to the supervisor.  Once decisions/approvals are finalized, OCP Human Resources will issue a notification letter and PD to the supervisor.  The supervisor will then gather signatures for the PD and submit a signed PD back to OCP Human Resources.

The effective date of the classification change will be the first of the following month after submitting the action to HR Compensation Services.  To ensure a particular effective date, OCP Human Resources suggests submitting positions 30 days prior to the preferred effective date.  Currently classification actions are taking 60 to 90 days for review, once they are received by HR Compensation Services.  Please make staff are aware of this time frame. 

For additional information on the Classification Review process, go to the Compensation Services web page at