OCP Return to Campus

Survey QR Code and safety info

Helping reduce the spread of the coronavirus on our campus.

A daily symptom survey is a requirement for all UC Davis-operated facilities anywhere in California and serves as a reminder to pay attention to your symptoms.

Steps to take if you plan to visit campus:

  • Complete the daily symptom survey.
  • Forward the approval email or screenshot of the approval to your supervisor and ocp-dailysymptomsurvey@ucdavis.edu.
  • When you arrive at your University destination, sign in on the building or department's sign-in log.
  • If you visit any other University buildings, sign in on that facility's sign-in log.
  • Follow all social distancing rules, and area COVID guidelines.

Everyone — students, employees, visitors — must complete a Daily Symptom Survey before entering a university-managed facility. This includes campus housing and off-campus, remote and leased locations. (UC Davis Health has its own symptom monitoring procedures for its Sacramento campus.)

While the process may look different depending on the facility, the survey and the outcomes are the same across campus.